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Who We Are


Home is where the heart is. Welcome home!


The Ascension Community was born out of a vision to create a bartering system, where people will trade what they love to do. As the vision begins to unfold, we've found other ways to raise the frequency in our world by simply living from the heart space. We offer random acts of generosity and peace during our monthly "Gen Zen" events, and also host rooms on Clubhouse where we encourage messages of self acceptance and universal love.

Yes, we're a community of real folk who are on a path of knowing more of our divine nature. On this ascension journey, we find that we are connected to everything and everyone around us. In essence, we are one. We take pride in having a beautiful space where people can be themselves, be weird, be vulnerable, be authentic and not be judged. We don't require any special titles, economic status or religious beliefs to join us on this amazing journey. 

Welcome home.



Ascension Community 

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