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Would you like to break through the illusions that have kept you from realizing your true power? 

We offer consultations and courses to help you free the mind so you can tap into greater potential.

Millionaire Mindset Bootcamp 

(starting at $55) (on hold)

This three-tier course is offered to understand how the mind works so that you can embrace your true power and tap into the quantum field of abundance.

Clubhouse Moderator Training

(starting at $88)

This three-tier training will teach you how to become a master moderator on Clubhouse and discover transferrable skills that you can use anywhere.

Consumer Law Study Group

(starting at $55)

Did you know you were born with currency and have the ability to tap into your wealth? Learn about how to free yourself from systems of legal tyranny and learn how to speak the language of divine law.

Private Coaching

(staring at $55 per session)

Are you ready to take your life to the next level, but are not sure where to begin and need someone to coach you along the way. We are here for you.

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